Monday, November 24, 2008

Optimize a dynamic web site -

Websites are basically two types: static & dynamic. About the Static website optimization is very simply done and promotes the website easily. But the dynamic website it is difficult to optimize and also take the website in search engine first or second page. The same rule is applied for site promotion. In the dynamic website the content is not static on the page always change on the requirement of User who interact with website and the variable which pass the value in page is change. And As a result, those dynamic pages don't get generated and as a direct consequence, do not get to be indexed in the engines! The biggest difficulties are that crawlers cannot read and are not trained to understand any of the dynamic databases of URL's which either contain a query string delimited by a question mark or other database characters such as: #&*!% that we refer to as "spider traps".
We use on page optimization for both static & dynamic website. We declare the Meta Tags, Meta description, Meta Title. For the static website it’s not much helpful for promotion in search engine. But For Dynamic website it is 100% helpful in optimization of website. Because they work as content for web page. And when search engine crawl the web pages it stores the specific keywords which have present the website with good keyword density.
Second things the web page URL, Search engines often considers a dynamic URL as an infinite set of links. So the optimizer should be use related to services keyword and approach the dynamic site links put on to the static pages and optimized the static page for search engine rankings. As well as you can use the link title for the entire product which you show in your website and for the images give the “alt” Attribute?
Along with images definitions it also helpful for promotion of dynamic websites.

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