Thursday, November 20, 2008

The 5 Most Important On Page Optimization Factors-

The Search Engine Optimization basically depended on both On page optimization and Off page Optimization. In this Blog We will discuss on some good points to On Page optimization techniques which have included Content of website, Title-tag, META-Tags, Headlines & Text decoration, Alt- and title-attributes and some more.
(1) Content of Website
The Content is king in optimization of search engine or website. And it would be change time to time. Content is so good that any user when come to your website, he take interest to read the services and about the website. Many times we found similar content of more than one website. So we can’t decide here, which provides the excellent services and also the matter on promotion of websites the search engines also takes decision.

(2) TITLE-Tag
Whenever we search any thing in search engine and get result. The anchor world on search engine list is title of particular page. So Title should be good as per contain your services related keywords. Because every user wants to easy search and put the correct keywords. Like If your company is related to website designing services. And Title has the keyword Website designing and any user who want to design a website. Then most probable your site can also search. The title of your website in the SERPs is showing good result is search engine. So that you should take your time and think about the best title for your page.
Important aspects of the title-tag:
- It should be unique title of every page in your website.
- It should contain around 10-12 words and It will good under 75 chars.
- Google takes only 65 chars from your title.

(3) META-Tags
In static website Meta Tags are not give the good response. But for the dynamic websites where the images and icons cover the whole page. And the no space for content. Then META-Tags are so important and also used by optimizers. We use basically In Meta Tags are following-
Meta name=”description” content=””
the description-tag is probably the most important META-Tag. It is displayed in the SERPs and you should select it as carefully as the title-tag.
Meta name=”keywords” content=””
the keyword-tag is probably the most important META-Tag. It is displayed in the SERPs and you should select it as carefully as the title-tag.

Meta name=”robots” content=”"
the robots-tag is used to tell the search engines (e.g. spiders or robots) what they shall do with your website. Possible entries are index, follow, no index and no follow whereas index/no index tells the search engine whether to index the page or not no index/no follow tells them to follow the links or not.

(4) Headlines & text decoration
In the content of web pages, we should be using Headlines for some specific keywords. Because the headlines and bold/ Italics keywords will be special in content and user can easily see it and those keywords show your services and your site visitor easily know about your services in other word keep it easy to read, but also for SEO reasons. The most relevant headline uses

and as well as

(5) TITLE- and ALT Attributes
The Alt Attributes are very important. If you want to that the images of your website are also crawl in search engine and see the seo point of view. You should be use Alt Attributes. Title- and alt - attributes are used to describe text-links and images. It is easy way too accessible your images, text links in search engine.

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