Monday, December 1, 2008

Advantages of using tableless Web Design Techniques-

In Website design layout many more came when we change some content, color, put some text where the images placed in website. In the website which is created using much Table many more problem we faces. Other if we follow this standard. Rule in our website creation. Then some advantages we get from browser point of view, search engine, website load in the browser and immediately update without any heavy work.
Few reasons are given below why we would go tableless.

• W3C standards state the use of tableless design in your website.

• With one supported CSS for controlling layouts and your site will be compatible with most any browser.

• You can make global changes to the layout with the use of CSS. That is, if the coding is properly done.

• Website accessibility for visitors with special needs is done more easily with the proper implementation of content, text into XHTML documents and In this case, CSS is used only for the layout, button and style.

• It is easy to eliminate the unnecessary code with the use of XHTML and CSS, making for more manageable code.

• And one better result i.e. tableless formats make it easier for search engines to index a web site.

In one words, tableless web design or table less website design is basically a technique whereby the layout control of page is achieved without the use of HTML tables. Instead, text and other elements on a page are arranged using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

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