Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Basically Teleseminar came from seminar. Seminar is, usually, a form of function where small group of people are gathered for meetings, and discuss on some particular topics and share their knowledge and information about topics. It can be offered from academic, commercial or professional organization. In which everyone present is requested to actively participate. Similarly Tele-seminar is used to provide information to group of people that they can get training, knowledge and as well as about to promote the products and also for sale.
Before the seminars the people bound in their knowledge and also it rare to see that some business man improves in his business because of implement the new ideas. Rest of them continued on old patterns of business. Through the seminar they can share their knowledge and its true i.e. “Share your knowledge can increase your knowledge.” It’s only possible if you participate in the seminar time to time.
Why the teleseminar came while the seminars are being successful. It is because some time some people missed the seminar because they have not enough money to travel and also because of illness so that they can’t. But now without the cost of travel. The host of the teleseminar will schedule a specific time and date in advance to communicate with his/her audience. The audience can vary in size from a few callers to thousands participants depending on the capacity of the bridge line used and the popularity of the topic being discussed. These conference calls are typically recorded. There is typically a fixed period of time devoted to the presentation of information followed by another fixed period of time for questions and answers.

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