Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How do control that E-mail Gets Read not Spam:-

E-mail is a really important way through that you can communicate with your friends, colleagues and also family persons very easily. You have only your email id and also the destination person’s email Id. These days the Email is used in bulk form for commercial purpose to communicate with your business partners.

But now days Many Internet person are used it in a some restricted way. Consequence the mostly mail are go to junk congestion their inbox, many users, and email providers have become very destructive in using filter to trap Spam. Many email providers or users are used good filters can avoid large portion of Spam from the email boxes.

Some tips you can use to help protect your mail from spamming:-

(1) Every mail has a subject part and the mail should have keep in mind to declare the subject.
(2) About the Subject, don’t use the word “hi”, “hello”, please. The subject line should be descriptive.
(3) The subject line should be form in Title sentence. Don’t use all caps, or all small chars.
(4) The Description of your mail should be free from grammatical, spelling error.

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